Frank Lloyd Wright’s Apprentice: Kitchen Renovation

Allan Gelbin was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright at the architect’s famous studio, Taliesin.  Allan Gelbin went on to build his own architectural practice in New England.  Allan Gelbin designed this home in 1976.  The design is heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and the usonian movement.  The completely remodeled kitchen has been updated and modernized, but we were careful to stay true to Gelbin’s design.

A testimonial from the home-owner:

“This was a job that required a mix of skills from demo, to refinishing existing woodwork, to custom building walls, cabinets and drawer systems. Brian is a furniture maker. We choose Brian because our house in Norwich was designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice and Brian has real experience working and renovating Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Wisconsin. This proved to be incredibly valuable as he completely understood how our house was built necessary to know how to remodel it. Our kitchen is beautiful and we highly recommend Brian.”

photos by David Cordero